• Electricity

    Travis & Kara August 3, 2021

    Electricity is a long process from start to finish. This is an element of the skoolie build that needs to happen incrementally over time. We still hadn’t even put our battery bank together when we left Vermont in April. Once finally found some time to finish the process at a friend’s house in Greenville, South Carolina, we were ecstatic. We had been living in the bus with no electricity and…

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  • How To Build a Skoolie Kitchen

    Travis & Kara May 24, 2021

    When it came to the skoolie kitchen, we were hoping to get things moving faster. Due to a local cabinet sale and the fact that our kitchen is an even 6 feet, we decided to buy the cabinetry for this part of the build and…

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  • Our Disastrous Maiden Voyage

    Travis & Kara March 24, 2021

    After completing the interior build of the bus, we were eager to head south as soon as possible for warmer weather. A warmer climate would allow us to finish our electrical setup in temperatures that are more battery-friendly. And we liked that we could sleep…

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  • How To Decide Between a Skoolie vs. Sprinter Van

    Travis & Kara July 19, 2020

    In this modern wave of vanlifers, it seems like a good idea to explain why we decided to buy a short school bus over a van. Price and space were the two main factors that swayed our decision and they both pointed us toward the…

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  • The Best School Bus To Buy

    Travis & Kara July 19, 2020

    When we entered the market to buy a school bus, we did a lot of research to figure out exactly what we were looking for. There were a lot of lifestyle and personal opinions to consider as well as objective facts that helped sway our…

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  • Demolition

    Travis & Kara July 6, 2020

    We bought our 2010 Chevy Duramax Diesel short school bus in June 2019 from a school bus dealership in New York State. As soon as it made it to Vermont, we were raring to get started with the demolition. In this post: Seats Floor Rear…

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  • Exterior Painting

    Travis & Kara July 5, 2020

    Painting the bus to anything other than school bus yellow was a high priority for us. In some states, your private school bus can’t even pass inspection if it’s still yellow because of its association with public schools and safety. We didn’t find any rules…

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  • Floor

    Travis & Kara July 4, 2020

    We were very excited to work on the floor because we knew it was one of the major steps in the transformation from a passenger bus into a living space. Although it was a lot of work, this was one of our favorite steps in…

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  • Walls

    Travis & Kara July 3, 2020

    The original walls of the bus are an interesting space because they are recessed by the floor and then jut out about a foot off the floor, making the wall as a whole uneven. This has created some challenges for us in customizing our build…

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  • Ceiling

    Travis & Kara November 24, 2019

    Completing the ceiling was the next big step in getting the bus to look a lot more like a home. This process meant making definitive choices about where our wires would be running, organizing and taping them, and filling all gaps with our Rockwool Batt…

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