• Our Disastrous Maiden Voyage

    Travis & Kara March 24, 2021

    After completing the interior build of the bus, we were eager to head south as soon as possible for warmer weather. A warmer climate would allow us to finish our electrical setup in temperatures that are more battery-friendly. And we liked that we could sleep and live in the bus while we do it! So we left for our maiden voyage on Thursday, March 11, 2021. Little did we know,…

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  • Happy Holidays 2020

    Travis & Kara January 1, 2021

    Welcome to 2021! Where We’re At Okay, yes. We gave into the trend and got matching onesie pajamas. I might have regretted it but then we played in the snow and took pictures and it was all immediately worth it. We tried to involve Brandy…

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  • Service Woes

    Travis & Kara November 23, 2019

    New York It turned out that our disastrous maiden voyage wasn’t the only disaster we were destined to encounter. After waiting 3 weeks to get our vehicle back, we finally picked up the bus in Glens Falls, New York, and we headed south. We spent…

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